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Welcome to my website

I hope your visit will give you something of value for your journey!

We are moving through interesting times. The pandemic has thrown the world into chaos and a time of unprecedented change. It is a shift point: an opportunity to change how we have been living – individually and collectively – and find a new way of being that is more honouring of our true natures and the Earth we share. It’s a dimensional fork in the road: we can continue to live in the third dimensional consciousness of power politics and fear; or expand into fifth dimensional consciousness where co-operation and love define our humanity. This is the journey into the light!

Now more than ever, is the time to go inward and do the inner work to clear the obstacles to your own expansion. It is a time to find your own strong centre and inner compass. It a time to get clear about who you are and your path as a soul. My purpose is to assist you to move more effortlessly with the transformational energies and to support your journey into the light.

My offerings include Energy healing, Quantum healing, Intuitive readings, Spiritual mentoring, Energy coaching (tools to work with your energy field yourself) and Soul work for incoming souls. Here you can read about these offerings and consider possible pathways to healing and transformation.

My practice is based in Riebeek Kasteel (an hour from Cape Town CBD). If you can’t get out to the countryside, we can work together online or through the ether.

Kindly note: During lockdown in South Africa, I am offering private sessions on the Zoom platform. The following types of session are available: Quantum healing, Intuitive reading, Spiritual mentoring, Energy coaching, and Soul work for incoming souls.