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Chakra balancing workshop

Learning the light body 

The seven major chakras are the energy centres of the subtle energy body – or light body. Balancing your chakras is an effective way to look after your light body and get your energy flowing throughout your system. When your chakras are strong and balanced, you have more life force energy to engage with daily challenges and cope with stress. You can be more centred, peaceful and in flow with the Universe.

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to work with the chakras and aura to enhance your energy awareness, flow and balance. You’ll be guided to tune into your chakras, to identify blockages and to clear your energy field. You’ll also work with your grounding and energetic boundaries.

The workshop is experiential, with lots of guided meditations and practical tools to integrate into your everyday life. To supplement the workshop experience, you’ll receive recorded meditations to guide your practice at home. Sign up and experience how to:

  • Activate your intuitive senses
  • Tune into your chakras and aura
  • Clear blockages
  • Ground yourself in your physical body
  • Strengthen your energetic boundaries
  • Protect your energy field.

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