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Energy coaching

Do you want to learn how to clear your energy field yourself, rather than relying on outside help? Energy coaching will equip you with a set of energy tools to become your own alchemist – moving and transmuting energy to keep your energy field in top shape.

As we move into higher consciousness, it is becoming more important to take responsibility for your own energy – what you allow in and and what you put out into the Universal field. In just a few sessions, energy coaching will give you a practical toolkit to manage your energy and raise your vibration.

How will energy coaching help you?

In these coaching sessions, you’ll learn a wide range of energy tools to ground yourself, to clear and balance your chakras, to cleanse your aura and to strengthen your energetic boundaries. Using this energy toolkit as part of your daily routine is a surefire way to become more grounded and centred and more aware of what drains you. And you’ll have the tools to make adjustments before you are way off balance.

Energy coaching is especially useful if you’re working in the health and wellbeing field, to learn how to avoid getting drained when you’re helping others all day. It’s also a life-saver for empaths: if you pick up on the energy around you, if you feel things others are feeling, if you feel drained by interactions with others or spending time in public spaces, then you’ll benefit from learning how to navigate the world with stronger energetic boundaries. This can change your life!

When you know how to manage your own energy field, you can choose what you take on and what you don’t. You are less permeable. For many this is a completely new way of being in the world – one which gives you more energy and more freedom.


Energy coaching is offered online on the Zoom platform.

Sessions are 60 minutes.