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Energy healing

What is energy healing?

Energy healing works with all aspects of your being (mind, body and spirit) to release old energy and limiting patterns, boost life force energy and revitalise the body’s natural impulse to find balance. By accessing underlying emotional, mental, spiritual and ancestral issues, energy healing addresses root causes and cuts through conditioning to enable deep shifts. It’s a process of healing old wounds, letting go, opening the heart and coming home to your true self. Over a period of time, energy healing provides a pathway to profound transformation.

When you are chronically ill, anxious or depressed, or have suffered a crisis of some sort, it is often an indication that you’ve reached a still point on your life path and that your soul is trying to get your attention to make some changes. This is when an experienced healer can provide assistance in removing some stumbling blocks and offering guidance for the way forward.

Although one session can initiate a big shift, energy healing work is most powerful when viewed as a process (rather than a one-off intervention) in which you, as the client, participate in your own healing process. Even if it’s a small shift, energy healing can change your perception of what’s happening in your life and put you on a new trajectory.

My passion is to facilitate this healing journey!

A typical energy healing session

Every session begins with a discussion of your healing needs. Your energy system is then scanned to identify imbalances, blockages or trauma that might be held in your energy body. This is followed by hands-on healing to repair damage to the energy architecture, clear blockages and restore optimal energy flow. The session concludes with offering you channeled information as well as practical tools and spiritual guidance to support your healing journey.

The focus of the session will vary depending on the client’s needs, and may include:
• Chakra and aura cleansing and balancing
• Anxiety and stress release
• Trauma release & rebalancing
• Relationship healing
• Cord-cutting
• Inner child healing
• Ancestral healing
• Past life clearing
• Soul retrieval and integration
• Spirit release and crossing over
• Assistance with a wide range of medical conditions.


Consultations are at my studio in Riebeek Kasteel (an hour from Cape Town CBD)

If you can’t get to Riebeek Kasteel, quantum healing sessions are also available (see next page.)