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Guided journeys

Soul journey: Meet your spirit guides

Each one of us has a team of spirit guides or allies. This team may include your higher self, your soul, your power animal, a guardian angel or even an ancestor. You can call on this team for guidance throughout your life. However, sometimes the connection gets lost or fuzzy – much like a radio station when it loses its signal – and we need a bit of help to tune in again.

The Soul journey is a wonderful process to tune in and reconnect with your spirit guides and/or your higher self in a very direct way. Once this connection is made, you will be guided to explore a question or work with an issue that you’d like to resolve. In the sacred space of the Soul journey, answers arise effortlessly and long-held blocks and limiting beliefs can be cleared away, enabling a shift at the deepest level of your being.

This guided journey opens a pathway for you to access your own guidance and inner well of wisdom on an ongoing basis.

The session is 90 minutes.

Mind-Body journey: Tune into your body wisdom 

Illness and chronic pain is the body’s way of communicating that something is out of balance. By learning to listen deeply, and entering into a dialogue with your body, you can become an active participant in your own healing process.

The Mind-body journey is a guided process of tuning into your body and accessing emotional issues and cellular memory that might be at the root cause of a particular symptom or illness. Based on the latest findings in the field of mind-body medicine, and using Brandon Bays’ ‘The Journey’ techniques, this guided journey allows you to surface unconscious issues, release old emotions and/or beliefs and clear underlying causes of illness or imbalance. It also initiates the cell restoration and healing process at an energetic level.

Whether you are currently experiencing illness or not, the Mind-body journey is a powerful tool for self-healing.

The session is 90 minutes.

Inner child journey: Integrate wounded parts 

The Inner Child journey is a facilitated process to connect with and integrate your inner child. The inner child is the aspect of your being that holds old wounding and trauma, beliefs and programming, some of which lies buried in the unconscious mind. Sometimes this part is not fully integrated and can disrupt or block your conscious growth.

In this guided journey, you will be taken into a deeply relaxed state from where you can enter into a dialogue with your inner child. This helps you to connect with ‘lost’ parts of yourself and to integrate them into present time. It is a deeply healing process, surfacing old issues and bringing them into the light for resolution and release.

The session is 90 minutes.

YinYang journey: Balance your masculine and feminine energies 

Balancing the Inner Masculine and Inner Feminine – or the Yin and Yang energies – is a pathway to integrating the psyche, bringing us to inner wholeness. We can then operate from a place of authentic power.

Being in human form is a gendered experience. Whether we are male or female, we have both masculine and feminine energies – an Inner Masculine (IM) and Inner Feminine (IF). How we express this in the world will differ depending on our gender and sexual orientation. After centuries of patriarchy, however, masculine energies have become more dominant. Whether we are male or female, we have internalised masculine energies as more desirable or worthy, and feminine energies have been undervalued. As a result, we associate masculine energies with power. For example, we may equate ‘being strong’ with being able to ‘act like a man’, rather than harnessing the feminine powers of intuition or sensitivity as sources of strength and power.

The Inner Masculine and Feminine Balancing process brings to awareness the imbalances between these energies, and then helps to balance and integrate them. Working with your masculine and feminine energies is an important part of healing old wounds, both physical and emotional, transcending conditioning and integrating your psyche. Balancing your IM and IF will also help to attract an intimate relationship of healthy balance – and will contribute to restoring masculine-feminine balance in the collective psyche.

The session is 90 minutes.