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Meet Heather

Heather is a qualified energy healer, soul coach, past life coach, massage therapist and hypnotherapy practitioner. With a gift for moving and transmuting energy, the core of Heather’s work is energy healing and facilitating journeys of transformation.

She has extensive experience in the field of healing: in her twenties, she started out doing massage and stress management work in London and, after many years as a writer and editor while raising her two boys, she later transitioned to healing work. Since 2010, she has run her own full-time energy healing practice, which has grown largely by word of mouth.

Heather’s interest in the healing arts, and her personal spiritual journey, was activated at the age of 21 when she was involved in a serious car accident and had an out of body experience. This amplified her multi-dimensional awareness and intuitive senses (clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience). After her own healing journey, she embraced these gifts and followed a lifelong calling to become a healer. Her personal transformation process – which included working with spiritual teachers from many traditions – reconnected her with her life purpose to support others to heal and grow.

A special experience

Heather’s work with clients combines her intuitive gifts with her training to offer you a unique blend of healing and spiritual guidance. By connecting directly with your soul’s energy, she gains insight into what is needed for your personal healing journey.

Heather is very practical and down to earth. Her signature is her clarity and depth: there is nothing mysterious about the way she works with clients, and yet she is able to work deeply within the mystery – the seen and the unseen – and everyone will leave feeling that something special has happened. She holds a sacred space for your process and gives clear and insightful feedback, as well as practical tools, to empower you to move forward on your life path.