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Yogic Way workshops

with Heather Linn and Danielle Rittel

The Yogic Way workshops – in partnership with Danielle Rittel – combine yoga, pranayama and meditation to inspire living life with a set of practices to nourish and strengthen you on your path.

Join Danielle and Heather for a morning of Yoga and Meditation in Riebeek Kasteel or Tulbagh. We’ll work with the seasonal energies using yoga asanas and a variety of meditation and breathing techniques to nourish body and soul.

Our next workshop is in Summer: a time of growth, abundance and expansion. It’s an auspicious time to reflect on our personal growth and energise our movement forward. It is also a time to give thanks for the abundance in our lives. Symbolically, it is the time of year when light triumphs over darkness, and so we can use this energy to awaken the light within and contemplate the unfoldment towards enlightenment.

Suitable for all levels – no prior experience needed.

Next workshop – Summer theme

January 2020

Dates and details coming soon!

About the facilitators

Danielle Rittel is an experienced Yoga teacher in the Iyengar tradition. After studying law and archeology, Danielle soon found out that practicing Universal law best suited her spiritual quest. In 2010, she embarked on her three-year Iyengar Yoga Teachers’ Training programme and taught full-time in Franschoek for five years. In 2015, she gained her Junior Intermediate Level 1 certificate, through the BKS Iyengar Institute of South Africa, and spread her wings to the relatively barren yoga lands of the Swartland and Witzenburg. Now based in Riebeek Kasteel, Danielle teaches weekly group, private and remedial yoga classes in Riebeek Kasteel, Tulbagh, Mooreesburg, Ceres and Wellington. She has co-facilitated workshops and retreats in Tulbagh and does regular locums in such exotic places as Hermanus.

Heather Linn is an Energy healer and Intuitive with extensive experience in the healing arts. She has been meditating for more than 30 years and finds inspiration in offering spaces for deepening practice. For more about Heather, go to the About page.